Conversions | Renovations


Changes happen over time. The same applies to our needs and demands.

The merging of two rooms, a new bathroom, a modern kitchen, an expansion of retails space, more space to enlarge our sense of well-being or just to bring a fresh breeze to our housing. This, or the mere value preservation of the building structure are valuable reasons to consider a renovation or a conversion.

We are happy to assist you as a consultant and/or executive. Our knowledge, your needs, our skills, your contentment.

From old …
… to NEW.

The protection of investment is equally important for both homeowners and owners of yielding properties.

Practice installations, Zurich

Company: Pyramid Clinic

Expansion of various medical practices at the Pyramide am See Clinic in Zurich, which is part of the Hirslanden Group. The order included activities in the fields of master builder, panel and plasterer work.