External thermal insulation


The economic use of energy is currently a more central issue than ever before. How can we help you in this regard?
Quite simply … heat loss or bad insulation in general are costly factors in regards to energy efficiency. The right usage of insulating material or re-insulation of old buildings positively affect your wallet.
Who doesn’t want to heat as energy-efficient as possible in winter and keep the air conditioning system at its lowest level in summer?

Or would you simply like to give your house a new “outfit”?

With the help of quality products and their use in the right place, we will find the right solution for permanent thermal insulation.

External thermal insulation - WüB ATHOS, Kindhausen

For the construction of a  residential building in Kindhausen, we were allowed to carry out the facades and plasterer works.
Architect's office: Arcus Architects, Nänikon

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